Rozelle’s 13th birthday party

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Every event is unique. Not just in terms of the various factors at play on any given day, but also in terms of the personalities involved and the expectations of our clients.

As a function venue, and with event planning we get one opportunity to meet our clients expectations. With every event we’re striving to make our clients’ dreams come true. So it’s a particular point of pride when our clients happily inform us that their event was all they dreamed it would be.

This series of posts will shine a spotlight on our clients and the events they’ve hosted at our venue.

Rozelle was familiar with Oak Tree Function Venue because her daughter takes dancing lessons on the property. So when it came time to look for a venue for her 13th birthday party, Oak Tree was top of mind.

Her family and friends enjoyed the entire evening and were impressed with the beautiful venue.

Rozelle lives in St. Andrews and planned the party herself, but was quick to point out how helpful Oak Tree’s staff were and that she knew she was in good hands.

Thanks for trusting us with your event, Rozelle!

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If you are looking for a trustworthy, efficient, responsive and professional function venue that is beautiful and well located, contact us!