How An Event Theme Helps You Create A Memorable Occasion

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Nobody sets out to plan a party with the mindset “I just want a generic event that no one will remember”. No! We all want a unique event. We hope that our family, friends and colleagues will fondly remember the event we hosted.

So how do we make the occasion memorable?

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The best way to make your event different and distinctive is to infuse your personality into proceedings. Having a themed event is a good way to make your party special.

A theme allows you to stamp your own individual take on it. Your theme could be a special interest of yours, something that you’re known for or a dream of yours.

Themes can be simple or as complicated as your creativity, enthusiasm and budget allow. It could be your favourite colour scheme or influenced by a movie that you love.

A theme sets the tone and mood. It gives event planners/caterers/DJs, and other people involved, direction and an idea of what you’re aiming to achieve. It’s a visual concept to inspire guests and create anticipation leading up to the event. 

Themes create a thread that will run through each point and stage leading up to your party – save the date, invitations, outfit selections, décor, photo booths and much more.

Whatever you chose will be the topic of conversation amongst friends and colleagues. This is a great way to create buzz and get employees excited about your year-end party or awards event. 

Your theme choice will let your guests know a little more about what to expect. If your theme is “beach party” or “tropical island” this let’s people know that it’s going to be vibey, relaxed and colourful. If you went with “Oscar Awards” then this will indicate to them that attire should be more formal.

There are often times that we have attendees at a function who don’t know many other people at the function or don’t know many people well. Having a theme is a conversation topic that makes it easier for people to talk and engage with each other – commenting on other people’s interpretation of the theme or what their idea was behind their own interpretation.

Themes also invite photo opportunities and, of course, are great to share on social media.

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