Ritual and ceremony impart meaning to milestones and events in our lives. 

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The loss of a loved one is an emotional and stressful time. We understand that and want to ensure that you are able to provide a memorial that is a personalised commemoration of your loved one’s life, loves, achievements, personality and character.

Creating a shared space where we can mourn, eulogize, praise and celebrate the departed, provides us with a connection to others affected by this lost too.

A memorial provides family, friends, colleagues, and all the people whose lives have been touched, an occasion to come together to express their fondest memories and what they celebrate about the person they knew.

Hearing and understanding how our loved one will be remembered, can provide solace and healing during our bereavement. Gathering provides an opportunity to reminisce, share memories and stories about the fullness of the effect our loved one had on those left behind.

A memorial provides a devoted space for mourners to partake in the grieving process.

Honouring our loss in sacred ceremony, and commemoration of our love, is a beautiful tribute to our loved one’s life, their achievements and the impact they had. It’s a time for those left behind to congregate, fellowship and provide support and companionship to each other.

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This type of service provides a dedicated space for mourners to assemble and pay tribute to the deceased in a unique way that celebrates the personality and character of the beloved.

A memorial is not restricted by timing and can be held soon after your loved one’s passing, or at a time when family and friends are able to travel and join you in support and celebration of their life.

A secular setting means divergent religious affiliations (such as, Agnostic, Atheist, Anglican, Baptist, Dutch Reformed, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Pentecostal, Presbyterian or Roman Catholic) can be accommodated, or traditional ceremony can be set aside to respect and honour the deceased’s, or family’s spiritual beliefs.

It also allows more room for interpretation that is relevant to the deceased and their loved ones, unencumbered by the ambiance of a conservative or orthodox environment.

Our venue provides you with a blank canvas to colour and cover with the memories that are important to you and illustrate and depict the extent of your loved one’s life.

You may choose to use our professional sound system to play their favourite music, or our projector as a collage of special times shared with your loved one. Our PA system will ensure that everyone will hear the eulogies and provide support to voices wavering under emotion. Safe and secure on site parking ensures attendees can focus on commemorating the life of the departed.

We understand that this is an emotional and stressful time, and we would like to help you in creating a memorial that will honour your loved one’s life.

Memorial Packages

Memorials provide us with a dedicated time to honour and pay tribute to the heart-print our loved one has left in our lives, as well as being a time and space to celebrate their life.

As we express our sorrow, and our respect for the memory of the one passed, we weave together the spirit of the departed and how they will live on in our lives.