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18th birthday
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Having an event to celebrate is a feature of a blessed life. Embrace these milestones in your life and the life of your loved ones by taking the time to commemorate these special occasions. Create memories together of happy times and happy events.

Happy events are the tent poles that carry us through the circus of life. Pause and envelope yourself in the joy of friends and family. Toast each other and share a celebratory meal as you coast the rivers of time.

Our name is inspired by the Oak Tree that protects and canopies our venue. Merry affairs are like oak trees in our lives that provide shade and respite from the stress of ordinary life. Extraordinary days leads to extraordinary lives. 

Let us help you celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Party Packages

Parties are a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone with friends and family. A  funfilled highlight in life celebrated in a way that is uniquely you. We would love to collaborate with you in making your dreams come true.

Below are a selection of our most popular party packages. We have colourised different points to highlight the differences between the packages for easy reference.